Bright Future for Crummer: President Cornwell and Dean Menon’s Messages for Alums

The future of the Crummer Graduate School of Business looks exceptionally promising and is distinguished by the leadership and commitment to innovation and excellence in business education from President Grant Cornwell and Crummer Dean Anil Menon. The two leaders have been busy connecting with alumni nationwide with a clear and vibrant message about Crummer’s evolving initiatives that will meet the challenges of tomorrow’s business landscape.

Dean Menon has many ambitious initiatives to bring Crummer to the forefront of business education, notably the establishment of AI EDGE (Executive Decision-making Governance Execution), a pioneering center dedicated to leveraging artificial intelligence in business management. With esteemed faculty like Jay Liebowitz at the helm, Crummer is in a position to explore AI’s strategic implications in the corporate landscape.

“Professor Jay Liebowitz’s appointment as the director of AI Edge symbolizes our dedication to cutting-edge research and teaching in artificial intelligence. Under his direction, AI EDGE will spearhead our efforts to integrate artificial intelligence into the fabric of business management. The center will focus on enhancing our understanding of how AI can improve decision-making, governance, and execution in business. Jay’s distinguished career and deep understanding of AI’s implications make him the ideal leader to bridge the gap between AI technology and managerial innovation,” said Menon.

Furthermore, revitalizing the Center for Leadership Development underscores Crummer’s responsiveness to industry demands. By offering micro-learning opportunities, certificates and badges, and partnering with renowned institutions like Fortune, Crummer will remain ahead of the curve.

“In addition to offering our top-ranked graduate degrees, we are expanding to other modalities of business education,” Cornwell said. “Our small size makes us nimble and able to create customized programming with and for corporate partners to address today’s business challenges.” In Spring 2024, our seminal offering of a certificate in Transformational Leadership, in conjunction with Fortune, proved fruitful for various corporate leaders and executives.

The forthcoming revitalization of the CEO Studio solidifies Crummer’s commitment to bridging the gap between theory and practice. “By spotlighting distinguished alumni and their business achievements through case studies, we celebrate our illustrious network while enriching our curriculum with real-world challenges and triumphs. CEO Studio provides our students with unparalleled insights and prepares them for entrepreneurial excellence and leadership,” said Menon.

“In essence, these and other dynamic strategic initiatives herald a new era of innovation and excellence for a Crummer that already delights in a strong legacy and reputation,” said Cornwell. Menon concurred: “It’s exhilarating to be well beyond ideation and pushing boundaries to shape the next generation of global business leaders,” he said.