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At Crummer, we have dedicated staff and resources that will encourage your success throughout your MBA program. The mission of the Crummer Graduate School of Business is to develop global business leaders and innovators through a high quality, integrated, experiential education that prepares them to add significant value to their organizations and communities.

The Student Success team provides a diverse suite of services and programs that will enhance your Crummer experience while supporting our mission. We look forward to working with you throughout your MBA journey! The Student Success team consists of:

  • Student Services
  • The Career Resource Center
  • The Center for Leadership Development
  • The Center for Advanced Entrepreneurship
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Academic Information

Courses are listed to provide you with an indication of the scope and depth of the Crummer graduate degree programs. Please note that not all courses listed are offered every year, courses listed may be dropped from the curriculum, and new courses not listed may be added to provide instruction in the latest management topics.

Early Advantage MBA course descriptions

Flex MBA course descriptions

Executive MBA course descriptions – coming soon!

Executive Doctorate course descriptions

Academic Information

Learn more about Entrepreneurship, Finance, International Business, Marketing, Operations & Technology Management and Social Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Enterprise concentration course detail and requirements

Follow the button below for all information that you need to register for your electives.

Early Advantage MBA program of study

EAMBA 44 | EAMBA 43 | EAMBA 42 | EAMBA 41 | EAMBA 40 | EAMBA 39

Flex MBA program of study


Professional MBA program of study

PMBA 67 | PMBA 66 | PMBA 65 | PMBA 64

Executive MBA program of study

coming soon

Executive Doctorate program of study

EDBA 11 | EDBA 10 | EDBA 9 | EDBA 8

To request an archived program of study, please contact crummerregistrar@rollins.edu.

Billing, Payments, and FoxPay 

FoxPay is the official online student account and payment system for Rollins College. Students can access their FoxPay through MyRollins or at https://foxpay.rollins.edu to view real-time status. Notifications are sent to the student’s Rollins email address when a new monthly statement is available. Students can also add a personal email address and phone number to their FoxPay account to be notified when new activity has taken place on their account.

Students that register for any class or receive any service from Rollins College accept full responsibility for the payment of tuition and fees. Student Account Services provides more information on payments, payment plans, and financial responsibility.

Withdrawal and Refund Policies

  • Early Advantage MBA, Flex MBA, Professional MBA, and Executive MBA (see Crummer tab) on Student Account Services site.  Learn more
  • Executive Doctorate Statement of Responsibility, Withdrawal, Refund Policies, and more.  Learn more

Financial Aid

If you would like to explore your financial aid options, our experienced Financial Aid team is ready to assist you. Contact the Financial Aid Office to find out what opportunities may be available to help you with financing your degree.  Learn more

Tuition Due Dates, Program Overview, and Cost of Tuition

Each semester’s tuition balance must be paid by 5 pm on the published due date posted on your Tuition & Program Overview provided for you below.  Additional estimated costs include housing, food, books, personal, transportation, and loan fees (if applicable) that total $25,858 per year.   Please visit https://www.rollins.edu/financial-aid/crummer-financial-aid/index.html for detailed information.

Early Advantage MBA

EAMBA 44 | EAMBA 44 AMP 3/2 Students 

EAMBA 43 | EAMBA 43 AMP 3/2 Students 

EAMBA 42 | EAMBA 42 AMP 3/2 Students

EAMBA 41 | EAMBA 41 AMP 3/2 Students  
EAMBA 40 | EAMBA 40 AMP 3/2 Students
EAMBA 39 | EAMBA 39 AMP 3/2 Students


Flex MBA


Professional MBA

PMBA 67 | PMBA 66 | PMBA 65 | PMBA 64

Executive MBA

coming soon

Executive Doctorate

EDBA 11 | EDBA 10EDBA 9 | EDBA 8

Student Records Team


Francine Chase, Assistant Registrar

Email: crummerregistrar@rollins.edu

Office Location: Crummer suite 117/118

If you wish to update your address, mobile, or employer information, please access the Student and Family Data Form on Foxlink.  This online form is located under the Student/Registration and Registrar tab.


Student Services
Degree/Enrollment Verification

Student Services

The Student Services department provides support, assistance, and resources to all students that will enhance their educational experience and foster success in earning their MBA or doctoral degree.

Office Location: Crummer suite 118

Contact Us

Ann Ketteringham, Program Manager


Transcript Requests

Current students may access their unofficial and request official transcripts through Foxlink in the registrar and registration section provided under the student tab.

Alumni & former Crummer graduate students will need to request transcripts through the Office of the Registrar at https://www.rollins.edu/registrar/transcript-requests/.

Degree/Enrollment Verification

Rollins College has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide enrollment and degree verifications.


Enrollment/Expected Graduation Verifications

Only currently registered students can access their enrollment verifications (certificates) here.  Enrolled students may also access their enrollment verifications (certificates) through Foxlink.

If you need a “good standing” verification, please use your unofficial transcripts which is accessed in Foxlink. Academic standing is reflected on the unofficial transcript.

If you need an expected graduation letter, the enrollment certificate has also replaced this as the certificate includes the expected graduation date.

This process has replaced the written PDF letters. Electronic letters on letterhead will no longer be provided.

Questions can be sent to registrar@rollins.edu

Degree Verifications

Please visit www.degreeverify.org or send your request by mail to the address below:

National Student Clearinghouse
2300 Dulles Station Boulevard, Suite 300
Herndon, VA 20171


Visit the Rollins Emergency Management site for the latest information on COVID-19