Crummer Looks to Unlock $50,000 Giving Day Challenge Gift in 2022

When 150 members of the Rollins and Crummer community give to Crummer, a $50,000 challenge gift with be unlocked, courtesy of Sandee Hill Smith ’73 ’74MBA.

Tuesday, February 22 is Rollins Giving Day – a 24-hour online giving challenge. By making your gift to Crummer, you can help unlock a $50,000 challenge gift.

Once 150 donors give to Crummer on Feb. 22, Sandee Hill Smith ’73 ’74MBA will donate $50,000 to Crummer. A long-standing supporter of Crummer, Smith retired from Morgan Stanley as a Senior Vice President after a four decade-long career. She credits much of her success in finance to the Crummer experience, in particular the interpersonal skills she gained throughout Crummer’s team-based cohort structure.

Donating to the Crummer Fund will help unlock career-defining experiences for other Crummer students.

How to Give

This link will take you to the main giving page for the Crummer school where you can click the “Give Now” button as early as today to get a head start on the challenge!

There are also features to set up a matching donation or offer a personal challenge of your own to spread across your network.

The “Offer a Matching Gift” feature allows you to structure your gift to give a specified amount of your choosing for every donor or dollar amount you wish.

The “Challenge” feature allows you to set up an agreement where you donate a defined amount of money if others contribute a certain amount within a fixed period of time. You could, for example agree to give $5,000 if others gives $5,000 within two days.

For the Challenge Donations, you can make your challenge visible on the campaign page or create an anonymous challenge.

Tax deductions and Impact

All donations given to the Crummer School are tax deductible. You will receive a donation receipt from the school after your donation is processed.

Your donation is also making a 100% impact. The Crummer School will receive 100% of the money donated, that will directly impact the advancement of the Crummer degree.